About Us

The South East London Teaching Partnership is made up of London boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark, Royal Greenwich and Goldsmiths University of London. We are governed by a board of directors from children’s and adults services, principal social workers, workforce advisors and the Professor of Social Work and Head of Social Work at Goldsmiths.




The London Boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark, the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Goldsmiths University have formed a social work teaching partnership to improve the quality of social work practice and improve outcomes for people using our services. We will achieve this by working together to select, train and develop social workers in our statutory adult and children’s services. This includes developing and improving the quality of supervision of social workers, practice education and leadership in social work. Embedding the Knowledge and Skills Statements for children’s and adults social work is a key driver.

Southeast London Teaching Partnership


Our shared ambition is to recruit and retain a permanent, capable social work workforce that delivers effective personalised relationship-based social work that makes a positive difference to our service users. We want social workers to progress their careers in South East London. We want our social workers and those who supervise and lead them to focus on continuous improvement in their practice so that all service users benefit from the service they receive. We want to bring the workplace into the university and the university into the workplace. We want to develop a centre of excellence in the provision of social work and build a community of learning that attracts students and social workers. We want our services to be flexible and adapt to the current and future needs of our diverse communities.


In working together, we are committed to:

  • Person-centred, outcome-focused practice
  • Involving and engaging people who are using or who have used our services
  • Developing social work leadership at all levels – distributed leadership
  • Promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Innovative and effective social work practice
  • Learning from research and evidence of best practice
  • Adapting to the changing profile and needs of our local communities
  • Promoting social work’s contribution to improving outcomes for people
  • Effectively implementing the KSS


Our Social Work Teaching Partnership objectives reflect our collaborative areas of work. These objectives are consistent with and contribute to the three local authority individual workforce development plans. We will work together to:


  • Select students who are motivated and have the potential to become effective person-centred and outcome-focused social workers
  • Train and develop students through providing high quality placements in statutory settings with well-supported and capable practice educators, joint delivery of training and other learning opportunities for students through using the teaching consultants in the university
  • Provide high quality learning and development opportunities for newly qualified social workers in their Assessed & Supported Year in Employment and for social workers to consolidate their learning and develop their capabilities beyond the ASYE
  • Use a shared social work career pathways model to address the continuing professional development needs of our workforce: staying in practice and developing specialisms, practice education and teaching and leadership & management
  • Provide opportunities for academic university staff to deepen their understanding of social work in practice and contribute through research to our understanding of the needs of people who use our services and how we can best improve outcomes for them

Our Associate Partners


Research in Practice
Research in Practice for Adults
City of London Cooperate (who are our research and evaluation partners)